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China is visually amazing ...a country containing huge contrasts ...From the staggering snow capped heights of the Himalayas... to the white sandy beaches of tropical Sanya.

From the hot sands of the Gobi Desert... to the damp sub tropical rain forests of Xi Shuang Ban Na ...From the incredibly futuristic space age architecture of Shanghai ...to the ancient rustic peasant huts of the Great North West.

It's a nation comprised of 56 ethic groups ...each with it's own unique culture and architecture...manifesting amazing backdrops for any film or still... everything you ever dreamt of is here .... A director or photographers dream!

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Urban Shanghai Three Gorges Hong Kong Night View mountain road Li River Royal Bridge Shanghai skyline Qinghai Lake Chinese Traditional building Real Great Wall Inner Mongolia beach in China Fujian Traditional Building Snow Peak Huang Mountain Stone Forest Tibat Vertical Mountain National Reserve Park Desert Plateau Rain Forest green bamboo Beach Water Fall1 Snow Water Fall2 Hills1 Hills2